Sunday, January 8, 2017

Setting Irp->UserIosb for unsuccessful requests.

Just for the record.

Irp->IoStatus is not copied to Irp->UserIosb by the special kernel mode APC , i.e.  IopCompleteRequest, on Irp completion if NT_ERROR(Irp->IoStatus.Status) is true and the Irp is synchronous or has not been made pending. This is important when returning any information in Irp->IoStatus.Information for unsuccessful requests when Irp->Flags doesn't have the IRP_BUFFERED_IO flag set. To indicate that the data has not been returned and provide an additional information in Irp->UserIosb.Information use a special status like STATUS_BUFFER_OVERFLOW which is not an error code.  If the IRP_BUFFERED_IO flag is set you can't use the Information field for an unsuccessful request as the system will try to copy data from Irp->AssociatedIrp.SystemBuffer to Irp->UserBuffer in case of NT_ERROR(Irp->IoStatus.Status) is not being true.

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