Sunday, January 29, 2017

Current process when closing a kernel handle.

If you call PsGetCurrentProcess() in a filter or driver when processing IRP_MJ_CLEANUP for a kernel handle the system process is returned as NtClose() calls KeStackAttachProcess() if the handle belongs to a system process kernel table.

2: kd> !thread ffffc5006e6da080
THREAD ffffc5006e6da080  Cid 1588.05ec  Teb: 00000000002aa000 Win32Thread: 0000000000000000 WAIT: (WrResource) KernelMode Non-Alertable
    ffffc5006be8eb70  SynchronizationEvent
IRP List:
    ffffc5006e2ba140: (0006,04c0) Flags: 00000404  Mdl: 00000000
    ffffc50075b8aae0: (0006,0118) Flags: 00060000  Mdl: 00000000
Not impersonating
DeviceMap                 ffffd58256416bd0
Owning Process            ffffc500733ff080       Image:         XXXXXXXX
Attached Process          ffffc5006b8b66c0       Image:        System

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