Tuesday, May 16, 2017

RISC-V Magenta kernel manual stack unwinding

A manual stack unwinding when handle_exception sets a call frame
(gdb) bt
#0  0xffffffff8002e0c4 in _panic (caller=0xffffffff80002554 <do_trap_insn_misaligned+52>, frame=0xffffffff80040de8 <init_thread_union+7656>, fmt=0xffffffff800343c8 "%s unimplemented\n")
    at kernel/lib/debug/debug.c:32
#1  0xffffffff80002490 in do_trap_error (regs=0xffffffff80040e08 <init_thread_union+7688>, signo=7, code=1, addr=18446744071562076884, str=0xffffffff80034420 "Oops - instruction address misaligned")
    at kernel/arch/riscv/traps.c:52
#2  0xffffffff80002554 in do_trap_insn_misaligned (regs=0xffffffff80040e08 <init_thread_union+7688>) at kernel/arch/riscv/traps.c:67
#3  0xffffffff8000027c in handle_exception () at kernel/arch/riscv/rv64/exception.S:221
Backtrace stopped: frame did not save the PC
A frame stack has the following layout
struct frame{
    coid* caller_s0; // $s0
    void* caller_pc; // $ra
the current frame pointer is saved in the s0 register.
(gdb) p/x $s0
$1 = 0xffffffff80040d88
(gdb) x/2xg 0xffffffff80040d88-16
0xffffffff80040d78 <init_thread_union+7544>: 0xffffffff80040de8 0xffffffff80002490
(gdb) x/2xg 0xffffffff80040de8-16
0xffffffff80040dd8 <init_thread_union+7640>: 0xffffffff80040e08 0xffffffff80002554
(gdb) x/2xg 0xffffffff80040e08-16
0xffffffff80040df8 <init_thread_union+7672>: 0xffffffff80040f30 0xffffffff8000027c
(gdb) x/2xg 0xffffffff80040f30-16
0xffffffff80040f20 <init_thread_union+7968>: 0xffffffff80040f70 0xffffffff800022d4
(gdb) x/2xg 0xffffffff80040f70-16
0xffffffff80040f60 <init_thread_union+8032>: 0xffffffff80040fb0 0xffffffff80008f20
(gdb) x/2xg 0xffffffff80040fb0-16
0xffffffff80040fa0 <init_thread_union+8096>: 0xffffffff80040fe0 0xffffffff80008ff8
(gdb) x/5i 0xffffffff8000027c
   0xffffffff8000027c <handle_exception+352>: ld s1,256(sp)
   0xffffffff80000280 <handle_exception+356>: csrci sstatus,2
   0xffffffff80000284 <handle_exception+360>: andi s1,s1,256
   0xffffffff80000288 <handle_exception+364>: bnez s1,0xffffffff80000294 <handle_exception+376>
   0xffffffff8000028c <handle_exception+368>: addi s1,sp,280
(gdb) x/5i 0xffffffff800022d4
   0xffffffff800022d4 <arch_thread_construct_first+36>: sw a5,0(a4)
   0xffffffff800022d8 <arch_thread_construct_first+40>: jal ra,0xffffffff800021e4 <current_thread_info>
   0xffffffff800022dc <arch_thread_construct_first+44>: sd a0,-40(s0)
   0xffffffff800022e0 <arch_thread_construct_first+48>: ld a5,-40(s0)
   0xffffffff800022e4 <arch_thread_construct_first+52>: ld a4,-56(s0)
(gdb) x/5i 0xffffffff80008f20
   0xffffffff80008f20 <thread_construct_first+188>: addi a5,s0,-48
   0xffffffff80008f24 <thread_construct_first+192>: li a2,0
   0xffffffff80008f28 <thread_construct_first+196>: mv a1,a5
   0xffffffff80008f2c <thread_construct_first+200>: lui a5,0x80045
   0xffffffff80008f30 <thread_construct_first+204>: addi a0,a5,-1232
(gdb) x/5i 0xffffffff80008ff8
   0xffffffff80008ff8 <thread_init_early+112>: jal ra,0xffffffff80007678 <sched_init_early>
   0xffffffff80008ffc <thread_init_early+116>: nop
   0xffffffff80009000 <thread_init_early+120>: ld ra,40(sp)
   0xffffffff80009004 <thread_init_early+124>: ld s0,32(sp)
   0xffffffff80009008 <thread_init_early+128>: ld s1,24(sp)
GDB can not unwind after handle_exception as it is unable to verify that the handle_exception frame is valid, the handle_exception function has been written on assembler with a prolog that restores sp from a scratch register instead of a frame initalization. I added a frame pointer saving for handle_exception after the stack pointer restoration ( https://github.com/slavaim/riscv-magenta/blob/riscv/kernel/arch/riscv/rv64/exception.S ).
    /*a call frame to facilitate with debugging*/
    .macro SET_GDB_FRAME
    addi    sp, sp, -2*SZREG /* allocate the frame */
    REG_S   s0, 0(sp)        /* get the frame pointer at the exception moment */
    csrr    s0, sepc         /* get the exception PC */
    REG_S   s0, SZREG(sp)    /* set the exception PC as $ra for the frame */
    addi    s0, sp, 2*SZREG  /* set s0 to the current frame pointer */

    .macro DEL_GDB_FRAME
    REG_L   s0, 0(sp)        /* restore the caller frame pointer */
    addi    sp, sp, 2*SZREG  /* restore the stack pointer */
From the frame before the exception handler we see that the arch_thread_construct_first raised the exception. We need to examine this function prologue to get the offset to the bootom of the stack from the frame address.
(gdb) x/10i arch_thread_construct_first
   0xffffffff800022b0 <arch_thread_construct_first>: addi sp,sp,-64
   0xffffffff800022b4 <arch_thread_construct_first+4>: sd ra,56(sp)
   0xffffffff800022b8 <arch_thread_construct_first+8>: sd s0,48(sp)
   0xffffffff800022bc <arch_thread_construct_first+12>: sd s1,40(sp)
   0xffffffff800022c0 <arch_thread_construct_first+16>: addi s0,sp,64
   0xffffffff800022c4 <arch_thread_construct_first+20>: mv s1,ra
   0xffffffff800022c8 <arch_thread_construct_first+24>: sd a0,-56(s0)
   0xffffffff800022cc <arch_thread_construct_first+28>: li a4,0
   0xffffffff800022d0 <arch_thread_construct_first+32>: li a5,1
=> 0xffffffff800022d4 <arch_thread_construct_first+36>: sw a5,0(a4)
Now the $pc, $sp and $s0 (a frame pointer ) registers can be set to unwind the stack before handle_exception was called by a CPU. 64 bytes was subtracted from the s0 register value to get the sp register value according to the function prologue displayed above.
(gdb) set $pc=0xffffffff800022d4
(gdb) set $sp=0xffffffff80040f70-64
(gdb) set $s0=0xffffffff80040f70
(gdb) bt
#0  0xffffffff800022d4 in arch_thread_construct_first (t=0xffffffff800426d8 <idle_threads>) at kernel/arch/riscv/thread.c:34
#1  0xffffffff80008f20 in thread_construct_first (t=0xffffffff800426d8 <idle_threads>, name=0xffffffff80035368 "bootstrap") at kernel/kernel/thread.c:1016
#2  0xffffffff80008ff8 in thread_init_early () at kernel/kernel/thread.c:1037
#3  0xffffffff80003ec4 in lk_main () at kernel/top/main.c:53
#4  0xffffffff8000146c in _riscv_start () at kernel/arch/riscv/rv64/start.S:42
Backtrace stopped: frame did not save the PC

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