Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Windows and Linux kernels exception handling and stack unwinding

The interesting difference between Windows and Linux kernels is in Windows mechanism to unwind a call stack, aka Frame Unwind. Windows 64 bit and Linux kernels use the table based exception processing to locate a handler for an instruction that caused an exception. Windows kernel can unwind a call stack to locate a caller's handler while Linux requires to have a table entry for each executable address range that can cause an exception.

You can look at pseudo-code for Windows 64 bit RtlUnwind here StackWalk64.cpp .

Some resources on Windows 64 bit SEH implementation.

1. Exceptional behavior: the Windows 8.1 X64 SEH Implementation

2. Exceptional Behavior - x64 Structured Exception Handling - OSR Online.

3. Johnson, Ken. " Programming against the x64 exception handling support ."

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