Sunday, April 10, 2016

Debugging Linux kernel on Intel Quark X100 .

For source level debugging I use OLIMEX JTAG . This is a fast guide how to configure it on Linux machine.  A more detailed description can be found in Intel documentation Source Level Debug using OpenOCD/GDB/Eclipse on Intel ® QuarkTM SoC X1000

Compile and install OpenOCD with Quark support.

$ git clone git:// openocd-code
$ cd openocd-code
$ git branch quark v0.8.0
$ git checkout quark
$ ./bootstrap
$ ./configure --enable-ftdi
$ make
$ sudo make install

By default OpenOCD is installed in the following folders


Connect an OLIMEX JTAG to a board and your machine

Intel Galileo with OLIMEX JTAG
Intel Galileo with OLIMEX JTAG

Power on a board and start an OpenOCD session for Quark X1000. This will start a GDB server on 3333 port.

$ openocd -f ./interface/ftdi/olimex-arm-usb-ocd-h.cfg -f target/quark_x10xx.cfg

If OpenOCD managed to locate a JTAG and connect to a board the output will be

Start GDB and attach to a GDB server started by OpenOCD. Provide GDB with a path to a kernel compiled with debug symbols.

$ gdb
(gdb) target remote localhost:3333
(gdb) monitor halt
(gdb) symbol-file <PATH TO LINUX SOURCE>/vmlinux
(gdb) c

Ctrl-C will break kernel execution into the debugger.

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