Thursday, February 27, 2014

What is in a name? ( of a process )

What does PsGetCurrentProcess return?

The answer - it returns the thread's process. But do you know that a thread might have TWO processes? The first one is the parent process that created the thread and the other one is a process to which the thread has been attached by KeStackAttachProcess . Which one does PsGetCurrentProcess return? It returns the attached process if one is not NULL or a parent process otherwise.

So this brings a question - How to get a parent process? The answer is IoThreadToProcess.

The other question - What does it mean "attach to process"? This mean that the thread operates in the address space of the attached process( i.e. PDE and CR3 are changed ). That means that any function that operates on the UserMode part of the address space will change or fetch the data from the attached process. The notion of "attached process" is meaningful only when a thread is executing in the KernelMode, as the system space is nearly completely shared between all processes and changing the Page Tables does not have a serious impact on accessing the system space.

The notion of attaching is much more profound in 32 bit Mac OS X or iOS where all processes have access to the full virtual address space of 4 GB, there is no division on system and user space, when the thread switches to the kernel mode the CR3 register is reloaded, the access to a user space by a pointer is not possible for 32 bit Mac OS X kernel so to access the user space the kernel ( or kernel module ) calls the functions that access the user space by switching CR3. In case of 64 bit Mac OS X or iOS the process space is divided on user space and kernel space and the access by pointer becomes possible though is discouraged by Apple and will crash the system in debug mode when the CR3 is reloaded when a thread enters kernel mode.

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